Smoovie - Super steady video for your smartphone and GoPro.

Is now live! AND fully funded on Kickstarter - we didn't even get a chance to put our blog up. 

Everyone can now record smooth and shake free video. Never watch jittery video again! Pocket-sized, most affordable and easy to use!

We can't thank everyone enough for all their support. We are so so so grateful for the press coverage, Kickstarter love and of course the amazing backers!

What a super first day! PetaPixel and gizmag shared some great words about Smoovie. Then Kickstarter awarded us with a "Project We Love" a badge we are super honoured to wear. Over 600+ backers from all over have supported Smoovie, and giving us such wonderful feedback. 

"Smoovie is awesome! I cant wait to start making shake free movies on my smartphone." -Imran J, Super Backer, Canada

"Now this is super useful!" Micaela Hoo, Blogger & Creative Director, USA

"It's really great to see an affordable stabilizer. Shooting video with my phone is a daily habit. Using a much bulkier stabilizer right now. So it's hard to wait to get hands on with Smoovie!"Chan Kwon, Motion Graphic Designer,  South Korea