Meet Ding, the beautifully simple smart Doorbell!

We're very excited to introduce Ding - a smart doorbell that has been designed to fit into your home. No more dumb, overly techy doorbells for us. 

They've just launched on Kickstarter and have raised nearly $40,000 so far. 

We've been supporting Ding by giving them end-to-end Kickstarter support - helping them manage their Kickstarter project, managing their PR campaign, online content and social media campaign. 

You can support them by checking out their Kickstarter page. 

Featured in;

Fast Co. Design
Fast Co. Exist
Wired Design
Core 77



Map Project Office x Kickstarter at London Design Week

We've had a great week running around London Design Festival. Our friends Map were celebrated by Kickstarter and had a wonderful talk and little shop in their office for people to pop along and see the projects they've been working on over the past year. 

There's been lots of great coverage of it, including Core 77 (who we've pinched these photos from) and you'll also spot a couple of our lovely clients in there too!


We've just launched Suzy Snooze on Kickstarter

Suzy is an innovative sleep companion for the whole family. Helping babies, children and adults get a good night's rest.

16.05.24 Suzy S Lifestyle-0440.jpg

We are managing their social media and community strategy. We have also commissioned fun, downloadable Kickstarter rewards from Anorak Studios - a snazzy Parenting Hacks PDF and a set of cute, BleepBleeps colouring-in posters!

With super chilled out sounds from Erol Alkan, seal of approval from Mumsnet and expert advice from Sleepio, we thoroughly recommend Suzy for a good night's sleep for all the family.

She has already been highlighted as a Kickstarter ‘Project We Love’. Well, she IS adorable...

Smoovie Campaign Complete - 1403% funded and now on Indiegogo

Woohoo! The Smoovie campaign is complete, and what a ride it was. 

Smoovie wanted to create and launch a Kickstarter campaign from scratch in 10 weeks. They needed us to help them do that! We accepted the challenge.

First we developed an end-to-end Kickstarter strategy. Then we created all their Kickstarter page content and produced the all-important Smoovie video. With those elements nailed, we planned and managed press outreach for the campaign.

With inclusions secured in Petapixel, Gizmag, Mentalfloss and 4k Shooter, we whipped photography fans into a frenzy and the funding target was smashed within 48 hours.

Smoovie went on to raise 1403% of the original Kickstarter funding goal and now onto the Indiegogo InDemand Campaign.

Smoovie - Super steady video for your smartphone and GoPro.

Is now live! AND fully funded on Kickstarter - we didn't even get a chance to put our blog up. 

Everyone can now record smooth and shake free video. Never watch jittery video again! Pocket-sized, most affordable and easy to use!

We can't thank everyone enough for all their support. We are so so so grateful for the press coverage, Kickstarter love and of course the amazing backers!

What a super first day! PetaPixel and gizmag shared some great words about Smoovie. Then Kickstarter awarded us with a "Project We Love" a badge we are super honoured to wear. Over 600+ backers from all over have supported Smoovie, and giving us such wonderful feedback. 

"Smoovie is awesome! I cant wait to start making shake free movies on my smartphone." -Imran J, Super Backer, Canada

"Now this is super useful!" Micaela Hoo, Blogger & Creative Director, USA

"It's really great to see an affordable stabilizer. Shooting video with my phone is a daily habit. Using a much bulkier stabilizer right now. So it's hard to wait to get hands on with Smoovie!"Chan Kwon, Motion Graphic Designer,  South Korea