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We often talk a lot about the crowdfunding campaigns that we work on. What we don’t talk about often is how much of that is about making and creating good stories for press and influencers to share. 

We work with our clients to get to the core of their brand, understand who their audiences are, and then find interesting stories that they can share to get people talking. 

Are you beginning to think about Christmas? We can work with you now to get everything in place for the busy period towards the end of the year. Get in touch, and we can talk you through how we work.

Take a look at some of the press we’ve got for recent clients…

Suzy Snooze - Wired’s Best Baby Monitor 2019


It’s important to find the right press for your product, not just the big names, but the niche publications that are really going to get their teeth into what you do. Influencers that are passionate about the same topics that you are, and not just because they have lots of followers.

Last year we worked with Newspaper Club behind the scenes to help them articulate what they do and understand their audience more fully. We took care of photography for their ad campaigns around key points in their calendar, and helped them undertake strategic partnerships.

Indie Retail Tabloid B17.jpg
Paved With Gold are a delight to work with - creative, professional and fun. They took time to understand us as a company and used their extensive experience to push our marketing in the right direction. We have achieved a huge amount in a short time thanks to PWG.

Anne Ward, CEO, Newspaper Club

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