In 2016, we became recognised Kickstarter Experts. You’ll find us on the Kickstarter site and we’re often asked to speak on behalf of Kickstarter in the UK.

We can help you craft the perfect campaign creative, or reach key influencers and press, giving you the benefit of our knowledge of 6 years running crowdfunding campaigns.

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We produced and delivered an end-to-end Kickstarter campaign strategy for their Mover Kit project launch. Mover Kit met its Kickstarter target within 48 hours and raised over $129,000.

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We've worked with BleepBleeps to provide every element of their last two Kickstarter campaigns. From photography + press, to influencers + campaign copy.

Alongside Creative Scotland we created a guide to crowdfunding for the creative industries in the UK.

Get in touch to find out how we can support your campaign and get your ideas out into the world.